8′ Rectangle Table Rentals




8′ rectangle table rentals are perfect for your next party or event!

Constructed of blow molded plastic on a steel frame, our rectangle tables blend sturdy construction with lightweight convenience.

The tables are 8′ long and 30″ wide. They work perfectly for guest seating, food buffet tables, or other table rental purposes! They can also be used for fairs, trade shows, exhibitions, yard sales and more!

8 people fit at each table when using only the long sides for seating. If you seat guests at the short sides, you could fit 10 people per table.

4 tables together can create a King Arthur table.

A 60×120″ linen fits half way to the floor on each table, and a 90×156″ linen is floor length.

Hoping to see 8′ rectangle table rentals in action? See our Rectangle Table Pinterest Board for more information!

Photo credits: Kylee B Photography