Our portable dance floor rental is a beautiful way to set dedicated space aside for your guests to dance and enjoy the party! Scroll down to see our size guide, and book instantly online! If you have additional questions, we invite you to contact us today!

Dance Floor Sizing Help

Our dance floor comes in 3’x3′ panels that can be configured in to a square or rectangle in any increments of three feet, up to 24’x24′! Every event is unique and we are happy to discuss your specific vision, but in general we have found the following sizes work well:

# GuestsSuggested Dance Floor SizeNumber of Panels to Reserve
0-10012’x12′16 panels
100-15015’x15′25 panels
150-20018’x18′36 panels
200-25021’x21′49 panels
250-30024’x24′64 panels
Source: https://weddingdjcentral.com/tool-to-automatically-calculate-the-size-of-your-dance-floor-based-on-your-guests/

About our Dance Floor

When renting a dance floor with A to Z, you’ll enjoy an all inclusive experience! Our staff will install your dance floor rental for you and also break it down after your event. A dance floor generally takes between 30 minutes to one hour for our team.

If your event is being held outdoors in the grass, please let us know this ahead of time. We will provide a subfloor beneath the dance floor at no extra charge which provides support to the floor and prevents it from coming apart during your party.

Dance floors should be installed on relatively flat ground without major holes or divots. The subfloor does provide a considerable amount of leveling ability, but you may still see the floor follow the contour of the ground to some degree. This is actually a positive and necessary thing, because it ensures no large drop offs along the edges of the dance floor that would pose a trip hazard to guests as they enter and exit the floor.

Our dance floors are constructed of highly durable plastic material, which makes it extremely versatile. You can safely use our floor outdoors without worry about damage from dew or rain. Of course, the floor will be slippery when wet so you should plan to have something on hand to dry up any spilled drinks or wetness so your guests don’t fall during the event.