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Bar Back Rentals

Bar Rentals in Pennsylvania

Our collection of unique and handcrafted bar rentals are the perfect conversation pieces for your wedding or special event! The bar is a major focal point of your event. Our rentals are beautiful, stylish, and designed with function in mind! From our stationary one piece bars to our multi-piece creations, to our adorable mobile bar rental, we’ll have your guests talking for years to come! Need some design help? Contact us!

How Renting a Bar Works

When you rent one of our bars, you’ll want to add delivery service to your order. Our bars are large and sturdy, and our team is here to help you get them set in place without needing to lift a finger! We do not provide bartender or attendant services, and you’ll need to supply your alcohol. We provide a beautifully crafted and well maintained bar that sets the mood for a night of fun and celebration!

What’s the Difference Between Bar Rentals and Bar Back Rentals?

The bar is the piece of furniture where your bartender stands to prepare drinks and serve guests. This piece can make a statement on its own! But many brides opt to also rent a bar back, a piece of furniture that stands behind the bar. Bar backs can hold glasses or bottles, display signs or d├ęcor, and make a huge difference in the overall display of the bar. They’re the whipped cream and cherry on the top of your bar display! For a cohesive, put together look, bar backs are the solution to a well designed bar setting! Need help designing your bar layout? Browse our Pinterest board for inspo!